It was a day of radio recordings, meetings, creating songs♩It’s full of purpose…

Recently, since I’m greatly into Candy Crush, is there anybody whose playing it? Where are you up till? I can’t stand it, I like puzzle games. It’s good when it’s just the right amount of toughness✴︎

※ Extra: 10DAYS official goods, unveiled! This round’s iPhone case is a notebook type! The 10DAYS live logo, I’m really into it† It’s adorable…ah, there’s my book placed with the sale of goods☺︎ If you will.

※ Extra 2: Today’s nails. As usual, it’s simple. The feelings of, ‘It’s finally the live!’ are hereー…

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Scandal 4

Encounter with Primal Groudon and Kyogre!

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James Dean in his apartment on West 68th Street, New York City, 1955.

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My name is Pablo, and I'm from Argentina.